Poor Public Education

Why do we keep whittling away at public education?? At what point will our public schools just be day care centers and adolescent detention facilities? And can we all please admit right now that public education is no longer free!? If parents don’t pony up at seemingly endless fundraisers, schools are forced to cut programs, teachers, staff and materials. Picture 11
I’ve heard it said that teachers are paid too much; but never from anyone who actually had a child in the public school system or knew any teachers personally. Every teacher I know spends their own money on classroom supplies, has several hours of grading and prep work to do after students go home, and takes time away from their own lives and families to meet with parents, administrators, and students. Yes, teachers get summers off; but if you spent just a week in their shoes– dealing with troubled youth, absent or angry parents, and ridiculous district red tape–  you’d probably need at least 2.5 months to regain your sanity.Picture 14
I’ve also heard people say, “You can’t just throw money at the problem.” Well… that seems to be the approach we take with our national defense industry (except the soldiers of course); so what the heck, let’s give it a shot! I say we throw a crap-load of federal money into our public schools and see what happens. Let’s pay teachers twice as much and worry more about how well they teach and inspire our students than about how well they teach children to fill in bubbles on a ScanTron form. Picture 12
And then, just for shits and giggles, let’s dump a bunch of money into the schools for art programs, music, health and fitness education, school counselors, teachers aides, after school programs, alternative education, buses, and real food in the cafeterias. Right now if you want your kids to learn science you’d better bust out your checkbook, cuz those supplies aren’t cheap! You want your child to get some exercise? Get your sorry butt down to the school and volunteer 3 days a week, cuz there’s no money in the budget for a gym teacher. Picture 22You want your child to learn music? Sign them up, pay for, and drive them to lessons after school… while you’re at work… trying to earn enough to pay for a roof over your head… and those music lessons… and another science-fund donation. Then ask your boss if you can leave early every Tuesday to take your kido to the music lessons, or soccer practice, or art classes or whatever else they’re into that used to be part of “school.”
Too broke to afford those extracurricular activities or time away from work to be directly involved in their education? Don’t worry; the American public school system is fair and equal and awesome and your kids will be just fine. Or not.



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5 responses to “Poor Public Education

    • amy beller

      you got that right, sistah. “They” have been trying to dismantle public schools since the 60s, when “they’ realized that educated and informed people are a lot harder to control, manipulate and screw. thanks for your posting. amy b

  1. I’m broke as a joke but I volunteer at my kidos Montessori public charter school almost every week and have them in sports and music lessons. I cut corners, apply for scholarships, beg for help from my dysfunctional family, and scrape up whatever freelance work I can in order to give my sons the education and upbringing they need and deserve. Maybe someday I’ll go to grad school or get a real job with health insurance. But for now my focus is on giving my sons the best possible education I can. No one else in their life is willing to make these sacrifices; good thing I’m happy to do it!

  2. My son’s school is no stranger to endless fundraisers. At the moment, Ridgeline needs help to pay for the building we purchased last year after losing half our original school building in a fire in 2009. I’ve created a new “Donate to Ridgeline” page along the top menu bar. Please check it out!

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