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Wedding Dress Crafty

When I’m avoiding the mountain of paper work a divorce brings…I daydream about what kind of ceremonial catharsis I will engage in to memorialize and celebrate the end of my marriage. Tattoo? Piercing? Boob job? (Why do people keep suggesting this one to me?)

No. I don’t think I want to do any of those things. For one thing, I have stretch marks on my belly, I breast-fed my kids and I’m certain my Little Lolita is a little less little– that is enough body modification for me.

The thing I’d like to modify is this:

My Wedding Dress 

Unfortunately, I have Disgraced Wedding Dress designer’s block. I need help, ideas, inspiration! I am up to my eyeballs in stickers, glitter, and pipe cleaners–so no shortage of crafty crap to complete the transformation. I just need a fabulous idea for what to transform the 30lbs of white organza into??

Oh, and if you’re wondering…yes, that is me in my wedding dress…on the toilet. It was #1.




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