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Once in a Lifetime… Same as it Ever Was

Some days with kids are one big emotional or physical tornado after another. Some days all you hear from your child are screaming lists of all the ways you and/or their siblings are ruining their life. Some days one kid floods the bathroom while the other quietly removes his poopy diaper and uses the contents to repaint his bedroom wall. Some days are like that.

Thankfully, today was not one of those days. Today was the very rare sort of day where real-life motherhood looked a lot like the fantasy-life motherhood I’d imagined before I had children. My two sweet boys were their most sweet little selves: my older son noticed and thanked me for “fixing” his computer, my younger son and I baked banana bread, and they both happily played Legos together for several hours. Hours! And no one ever screamed, “I HATE YOU, AND I WISH I NEVER HAD A BROTHER!!” Not even once.
It was amazing. So amazing that I decided to document their massive lego mess and leave it as a shrine of sorts– honoring the day. (Also, older son would FREAK out if I cleaned it up. I’m pretty sure he knows exactly where everything is in that Lego floor jumble.)

So please be happy for me, but please don’t think this is our every day. It isn’t. No one posts pictures of the tornado days because… they’re stuck in the middle of a tornado, yo.
Hip hip hooray for the easy-peasy happy days!


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