Donate to Ridgeline! A.k.a. My Kido’s School.

My two lucky boys are getting a wonderful education at Ridgeline Public Charter Montessori in Eugene, Oregon. I chose Ridgeline because I believe in the Montessori approach to education and because the classes are smaller (29 kids), mixed grade, and have a full-time teacher and a full-time assistant in each room.

Public charter schools, like Ridgeline, receive 20% less funding from the state than other public schools. Ridgeline is currently fundraising to help pay for the building we purchased last year, after the loss of half of our original school building in a fire. If you are willing and able to help support the wonderful public education my children and other Ridgeline students receive, please follow the link below and donate today!

Donate to Ridgeline Public Charter Montessori:

Thank you!
~Jennifer, Eliot and Asa

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