Wedding Dress Crafty

When I’m avoiding the mountain of paper work a divorce brings…I daydream about what kind of ceremonial catharsis I will engage in to memorialize and celebrate the end of my marriage. Tattoo? Piercing? Boob job? (Why do people keep suggesting this one to me?)

No. I don’t think I want to do any of those things. For one thing, I have stretch marks on my belly, I breast-fed my kids and I’m certain my Little Lolita is a little less little– that is enough body modification for me.

The thing I’d like to modify is this:

My Wedding Dress 

Unfortunately, I have Disgraced Wedding Dress designer’s block. I need help, ideas, inspiration! I am up to my eyeballs in stickers, glitter, and pipe cleaners–so no shortage of crafty crap to complete the transformation. I just need a fabulous idea for what to transform the 30lbs of white organza into??

Oh, and if you’re wondering…yes, that is me in my wedding dress…on the toilet. It was #1.




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4 responses to “Wedding Dress Crafty

  1. I have always loved this picture! I have no idea what to do with the wedding dress though…I’ll have to think on that one.

  2. Awesome photo! I don’t think you should make anything out of it – you should just sell it or give it away. Unless you might want to make a voodoo doll out of it. ? Go paintballing in it!

  3. I took my first wedding dress and gave it to a model for a “Trash The Dress” photo shoot I was coordinating for a photographer. She was covered in sand and lake water for hours….it. Was. Awesome!

  4. carmelita

    “upcycle it” with hello kitty crap all over it then sell it on ebay as OOAK. that or disney princesses or even tie-dye it, tie- dye the hell out of it!

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