One Sunday in October…

Fall is upon us. I, and everyone I know, have completed our transitions from summer diets of fresh fruits and veggies, to winter diets of meat, pasta, cupcakes and beer. I’m becoming reacquainted with my television and I’ve joined a gym; keeping life in perfect balance. Wish me luck with that.


I like fall. I like wearing layers because it’s 37 degrees at 8 a.m., and 73 by 3 p.m. (Current fashion trends (skin-tight everything) offer more laying options for my winter wardrobe.) I like not having to remember to water the plants outside. I also like Halloween and it’s traditions, like pumpkin carving. 

The kids picked out great pumpkins. We discovered that crayons work better than markers for drawing face on our squash. 

Trivia Question: Are pumpkins in the gourd or squash family? Is there even a difference? Help me out planty friends.

FYI: I am now accepting applications for the positions of full-time unpaid gardener.  My backyard is a mess.

This must be how our primate ancestors carved their pumpkins.

Asa looks over his creation.


Asa works through some issues and we all stand back.

Eliot put a great deal of thought into his design.

The finished products. From the left: Eliot’s one-eyed alien devil, Asa’s scary guy, and mine with the loose marbles. 

All lit up. The face on Eliot’s jack-o-lantern totally changes in the dark as light shines through the lid. 

It was probably a bit early for carving jack-o-lanterns, but I’ve always felt that watching them decay is part of the fun. Plus, by the time Halloween comes around, any teenager with pumpkin smashing on their to-do list will be rewarded with a hand full of fruit fly infested mush.  Trick or Treat!



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3 responses to “One Sunday in October…

  1. Thanks, Jon, for your photo, carving, and clean-up contributions.

  2. I made pot roast today so…I’m doin pretty good keeping up with the seasonal cooking. I have not, however, carved zee pumpkins yet.

  3. Cute pumpkins. I love sharing this tradition with my kids, like my parents did with me (one year I ate so many salted pumpkin seeds I puked all over the house, but that’s another story!) And i’m loving your cupcake and beer diet, I can sooo relate!

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