Blogher 11′ Here I Come!

5:24 a.m. Eugene airport. My flight for San Diego boards in an hour and I’m finally getting excited. I packed the biggest suitcase I own with 27 outfits, 4 pairs of shoes and, of course, my big girl panties. I am so excited about the Blogher conference and all I can think to say is THANK YOU!

Me and my big girl panties at 3 a.m. on two hours of sleep. BGPs are also known as short-shorts and I wear them under my new super-short dress. Can you say mid-life crisis?

Thank you Bekah for being the super bossy nag who made me start blogging in the first place.
Thank you Sarah for telling me to put a Paypal donation button on my blogs.
Thank you Melody for sending the first donation and making me cry in a Sally Field kinda way.
Thank you to EVERYONE who clicked the button and donated their hard-earned cash to give me this incredible opportunity.
Thank you to my ex-husband, mom and step-mom for taking care of my boys and getting them to swimming lessons while I’m gone. Peace of mind is a big gift for this mama.
Thank you Jonah for giving me the exact pep talk I needed and a job to come back to.
Thank you Tamara for building my website (more on that tomorrow) and holding my hand.
Thank you Leigh Anne for teaching me how to write funny, and for being my friend/occasional therapist.
Thank you Breeze, Signe, Nancy, Aliesha, Michelle, Drea, Marcy, Ashly, Jeanne, Katie, Martine, Tara, Mikayle, Val, Eli, Shannon, Mimi, and Erica for giving me laughter, inspiration and support. I freakin’ love you guys.

I hope to post everyday through the conference and I haven’t been around this many grown-ups in one room in so long that there are bound to be lots of awkward and embarrassing moments. Stay tuned…..



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4 responses to “Blogher 11′ Here I Come!

  1. Have fun, learn a lot, and don’t come home without your big girl panties!

  2. Ashly

    I love Poop in My Hair. Ahaha. Have a blast at Blogher!

  3. You are welcome! I am glad my bossiness can benefit someone! But it was purely motivated by self involvement because I knew if you started a blog it would provide hours of free entertainment and humor! You are the funniest woman / mom I know and I LOVE YOUR BLOG! Have fun at Blogher!

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