The Boys are Back in Town

The sunlight and shadows make it look like I'm sneering in this photo. I was not sneering.

My two sweet loves just returned from a week at Grandma’s house! I hugged and kissed them and immediately took them out for ice cream and live music. We spent 5 sun-filled, fun-filled hours in the park and I didn’t raise my voice even a little… until the drive home… and then it was really only a little. They’re still my kids, after all.

Tomorrow feels like our first, totally unplanned, day of summer and I’m excited. Never mind that half of the backyard is full of long boards and rusty nails. Okay, maybe I need a plan………………………………………………  Okay, big blanket, buckets, extra clothes, sunscreen, some kind of drive-thru food that is not McDonalds, water bottles, girly magazines, sunglasses, sun hats.  We’re going back to the park… ALL day.



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5 responses to “The Boys are Back in Town

  1. trouble

    Aren’t they a little young for girly magazines?

  2. Dianne

    It’s good to see the boys again. I’m looking forward to my turn to give them hugs.

  3. Martine

    Playdate soon? Yes, it can be at the park!

  4. Suzanna F.

    love the plan! I might adopt it as my own for the week!
    PS – Consider taking advantage of the local summer lunch in the park program… the more people who use it, the more funds they get. More funds means they can go to parks that don’t have the numbers but do have more needs.

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