Wooo Hooo!

Woweeekazzoweeeee! Last week I installed a Paypal button on this blog and began some shameless begging for donations to help me get to the Blogher (the biggest women’s blogging conference in the WORLD!) this August. Guess what? It totally worked! In a little over a week I raised $1570! Holy guacamole!

I burst into tears when the first donation came in and then danced around my living room like a maniac when I reached my goal. I am so grateful for everyone’s encouragement and support and blown away that people (some who don’t even know me) would dip into their wallets to help me. I have registered for the conference, reserved my hotel room and bought my plane ticket—it’s really happening!

From now until the conference I will be busting my buns to crank out great posts and publicize the heck out of my two little blogs. If you still want to help me make it to the big time, here’s what you can do:

1. Subscribe to my blog(s). You don’t have to read every post, but subscriber numbers are an important part of the game.

2. Comment on my blog(s). Comments can be as simple as “Ha ha!” or “How are you not famous yet?” The big-wigs look at the number of comments more than the content.

3. Post links to my blog(s) on your social media outlets (twitter, Facebook wall and groups, etc.)

4. Email posts to friends your who would enjoy them and encourage them to do steps 1-3.

5. Comment on other blogs you read with something like “reminds me of…” and include a link to my blog in your comment.

What’s in it for you?
1. If I become famous, you will know a famous person and you can sell unflattering lies and photos of me to Perez Hilton and the National Enquirer.

2. After August 3rd, I promise to stop bugging you about this.

3. If I come home from the conference with any kind of job or representation offer, I will throw a huge kick-butt party to which you will all be invited. This party will include stand-up comedy performances by yours truly and a few of my favorite hot chick local comics (ladies, you know who you are!).

4. Massive karma points. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you!




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16 responses to “Wooo Hooo!

  1. Well it doesn’t look like anyone is listening to the comment part. I’ll do it. Just remember to invite me to the party. I haven’t had a decent drink in a year.

  2. Oh and I’m not a fan of the little quilt avatars. I suppose there is something I could do about that but my fingers are feeling lazy today.

  3. Samantha


  4. PK

    Oh wow that sounds like so much fun!!!!!!!

  5. Yay! I am so excited you are headed to Blogher. I will help shamelessly promote your posts!!!!!! Not because you are my friend (which you are) but because you are so darn funny! Amen!

  6. Drea

    SUPER stoked for you and I didn’t even have to contribute a dime 😉
    I can still come to the party, right? I’ll bring a bottle of Barefoot Cabernet, k?

  7. Julie

    How gratifying! You are surely loved and talented.

  8. amy Beller

    woweekazowee no kidding, congrats

  9. mari Livie

    I am proud of you for being gutsy and forthright. I could use a dose myself. Mari

  10. you have TWO blogs??!! I am enjoying reading this one, but feel I have been missing out!



    • There is a tab at the top of my home page that says “my other blog is dirty.” click there to find a link to Smart Girl Smut. The warning states that readers must be over 18 and not related to me. So here’s what I told my father: “If you read it, I don’t want to know about it.” (o;

  11. Joy

    Congratulations, Jennifer. I enjoy readying your blogs – reminds me of my child rearing days. Joy

  12. sarah

    so….. i want a couple pictures of you at blogher with the famous ladies…..

  13. Adrienne Happy

    Ha Ha…how are you not famous yet?!? hee hee…much love, you crack my shit up!!!

  14. Clover

    Enjoy your blogs, mostly this one-since all mothering-has moments like yours, but the other one brings back some memories of the dating world-it has changed a lot-but there will always be some odd ones out there:). I got at least 2 people to read them from my FB and one of my friends in Spokane shared! I guess I should start reading some other blogs too, but I am sure no one is quite as funny as you are. I really want to come see your act someday, but of course there is the small children issue:).

    • Thanks Clover! The help from friends like you is really paying off. I’m seeing a jump in subscribers all over the map and outside of my friend circle. Some people set financial goals for themselves when starting a new business. My goals are a bit fluffier: 1. Earn a reason to throw a big-ass party for all my friends that includes a separate room with movies, pillows and a couple babysitters! 2. Earn enough $$ to hire a housekeeper. 3. Never bounce another check. A girl can dream, right?!

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