My 4 and 6 Year-old Boys Snuck Out in the Middle of the Night

My kids are nuts.  Yesterday at Doodlebug’s preschool some of the kids hatched a plan to sneak out of their houses in the middle of the night, meet up in the neighborhood, and then walk to the school together.  I indulged their planning and prep work because I never thought they’d go through with it….

The following photos were taken at approximately 5:30 a.m…..

Goofus is always up for posing; Doodlebug is annoyed because I’m delaying their very serious plan.

This kid knows how to prepare for an adventure: keys for unlocking the door, snacks for  the 6 block walk, and his ski helmet and goggles should they encounter snowdrifts or  free go-cart  rides along the way.

How nice!  They left me a note.

Outside looking for Marcel, their buddy , accomplice, and fellow renegade kindergardener.

I told them Marcel’s dad called and said he wasn’t coming so they ate their  snack on the porch. I shut the door and enjoyed my quietest cup of coffee in  years.

The End

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One response to “My 4 and 6 Year-old Boys Snuck Out in the Middle of the Night

  1. …it’s adventures you set up and pull through with that gives you an Idea of what you can do, good support!.. I still hate my first girlfriends Mother for ruining my plans visiting her daughter (spending half a year in the US) to work my ass off (as much as a 16 year old can in Europe) to get the Money for the flight ticklets and setup a surprise present for christmas.. … well I got as far as having the dough and have convinced the Family she stayed with to secretly get me from the Airport and into the house and allow me to stay with them for a week… stupid me at that stage asked “Mom” if the’d be something like presents to take along so she’d save the fair for mailing it.. try that for discouragement..

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