Crafting with kids


Today was a sick day at our house. More of a not-enough-sleep-last-night day actually.  We decided to make it a Christmas crafting day and headed out to stock up on glue, glitter, popsicle sticks, card stock, and pipe cleaners.  Nobody threw a fit, I stuck to the list (mostly) and I avoided buying insanely gaudy holiday decorations.

After lunch the kids napped for 2 hours as I cut endless amounts of craft paper into the shapes they had requested for ornament making.  Two hours later my mood was not dampened by the arthritic feeling in my hand or slight cross of my eyes.

When the kids woke up I had everything organized into piles and containers with assembly line precision. They took one look at my hard work and announced that they had changed their minds about what kind of ornaments they wanted to make. Okey-dokey. Goofus had his heart set on paper candy canes and Doodlebug wanted to play with clay.

I carefully moved my tidy little stacks aside, gave Doodlebug a hunk of clay and set to cutting-out candy canes for Goofus. I moved gracefully between cutting for Goofus and helping Doodlebug make balls of clay. Goofus and I had a lively discussion about sphere’s, their representations in science and nature, and practiced pronouncing the difficult “s-f” sound combination.  (For those of you who are feeling a slight urge to vomit due to my perfect parenting skills, don’t worry. Days like this are not the norm in our house.)
After crafting I turned on the electronic babysitter and immediately wrote this post.  Now, when everyone is slamming doors and calling me “stupid poo-poo head mama!,” I can reflect back upon happier moments.

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4 responses to “Crafting with kids

  1. Marcy

    Ahhh, good idea. I think I need to write down the days that feel like as close to perfection as possible. That way the more complicated days don’t take over in my memory.

  2. Jessica C

    Ha ha…”Electronic babysitter.” I love it.

  3. Amy Clancy

    Stupid poo-poo head mama?! They haven’t figured out the shortened version yet? Stupi-poopy is a favorite in my house. My sweet lil Spencer always knows just when to call me that. Ahhh, boys.

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